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Erase the White Board

A new day, a new year, a new way of being!

What if we could erase the past, like erasing the white board that is our life?

What would our lives be like if we started the day with a ‘clean slate’?

How can we use our creativity to create the day in a way that makes us feel fully alive, fully awake?

My intention is to have an eraser in my hand. Every time I recognize that something from the past is popping up, triggering a thought or feeling, causing me upset, I am going to use that eraser to simply erase the past!

Can it be that simple? Can we stop complicating our lives? Can we choose to use the eraser in a playful, relaxed way?

My intention in 2015 is to find ways to simplify, to allow life to bring me experiences of peace, joy and love!

Will you join me?

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Here we are at the beginning of a new year. Many people like to set resolutions for the new year. I find intentions more effective.

How often do we actually get results when we use resolutions? How often do we find ourselves in February or March looking back and beating ourselves up for not keeping our resolutions?

I created a new habit. Each day I start by setting my intention for the day.

What kind of intention is helpful? We could say I intend to shop for groceries or do my laundry today.

I prefer to set intentions like:

  • My intention is to respond with love and kindness in each moment today, love for myself and love for others.
  • My intention is to experience peace and joy as often as possible today, to find ways to fill my life with laughter.
  • My intention is to experience life from the abundance that comes from Spirit.
  • My intention is to follow my Inner Guidance, and allow life to attract to me the people and experiences that bring me joy.

We are all unique. What would be the most helpful intentions you could set for yourself?

Each day is a new beginning. How do you want to experience your day? How do you want to experience 2015?

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