Check out my new Magnt site!

Check out my new Magnt site!.

Warmth and Love – Haiku

As I looked out my window this morning I saw frost and sunshine.

I was inspired to write this new Haiku poem:

Frost on cars and trees
Sunshine will soon melt it all
warmth and love feel good

© Bonnie Best

Dust off Your ‘Dreams’

As children we often dream and imagine what life is going to be like in our future.

As we grow up we may get the message that it is a ‘waste’ of time to fantasize so much, and that we need to be practical and ‘face reality’.

We may reach a point in life when we wonder if we wasted time by NOT following through on those early dreams and goals.

That is what is happening to me. I’m ‘stepping back’ to review what were my dreams and goals as a child.  What did I really want to do ‘when I grew up’?

Life can be rather dull and routine if we go from day-to-day simply doing the ‘normal’ and ‘mundane’ tasks before us.

Having a big dream, a vision, a big goal to reach for, adds passion and purpose and Joy to our lives.

What is your dream, your vision for the future?  Do you have a big goal to work towards?

If not, what do you think your life would be like to have one?

Maybe it is time to dust off those dreams you’ve had in the past, to revisit the goals that you considered important and put aside in order to survive.


A Life of Happiness Begins Now workshop went well on April 19.  Love for All Seasons workshop will be on May 16th.

I had an effective session today with Dr Garland Landrith. He did a workshop at our church a couple months ago, and I decided to ask his help in clearing old patterns developed in childhood.

He worked with me via phone, and it was quite effective. I felt relief immediately and I look forward to seeing the results in my life very soon.

You might want to visit his website to learn more about his work. If you saw the movie “What the Bleep …”, you heard about his research into meditation and the positive effects on cities when groups meditate for extended periods of time.


Today, I’m asking you to make a choice.

Whose side are you on?

One side says the economy is getting worse every day.
It’s only going to get harder. You are crazy if you
think you can succeed in business right now. You are
even crazier if you think you can have prosperity!

They are saying that we are all going to hell in a hand
basket…and there’s nothing you can do about it.

There is also another side. On this side, you will hear
a voice that has struggled through the cries of doom
like a beacon of light. This voice started off soft,
raging against the current of logic and fear.

It is the voice that says, “You can create your own
reality. Whatever is going on around you doesn’t have
to control you”.

It is the voice that says one person has the power to
affect change. One person has the power to affect the

This voice – the voice of Spirit manifesting as the
voice of the Spiritualpreneur – has gotten louder, and
it is calling out to you today.

This new breed of entrepreneurs – Spiritualpreneurs
– is led by the voice of Spirit, and they apply
universal principles from an entrepreneur’s angle in a
way that brings about world transformation.

I am making the choice to listen to the voice of Spirit.
I joined Sharon and the group of Spiritualpreneurs
so that I can make a difference in the world.
Will you join me?

The day has come for you to decide whose side YOU are
on. Today, I’m coming to you with a choice – and a

The time has come to draw a line in the sand, take each
other’s hand and say, “WE ARE ONE”.

It is time to say, “I’m not going to let others
dictate my reality”.

It’s make or break time. You choose a side, or it
chooses you. Why not choose the side that says,
“You’re a Miracle Maker”?

You can make your choice today when you sign up for
Coaching From Spirit founder Sharon Wilson’s 30-Day
Spiritualpreneur Challenge, where you will learn
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joy and success that you want in your business and

In fact, they will actually recession-proof you when
you put them into action!

This is not a promise that Sharon takes lightly, and
she means what she says when she tells you that
choosing the side you want to be on today could be the
most important decision you will ever make when it
comes to having prosperity in this economy.

Sharon is so passionate about the importance of this
transformation in your business and its benefits that
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She is also offering an opportunity for you to
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When you take the Challenge you’ll:

*Learn tools that will help you be fr.ee at a level
that transcends logic
*Recession-proof your business and realize that you
CAN have it all
*Live a life of prosperity no matter WHAT is going
on around you
*Learn how to get into the heart and mind of your
customer in a way that will make the sales process FUN
for you AND for them
*Create an actual sales process that feels good for
you and gets results
*Make more money than you ever dreamed possible
while really enjoying what you are doing

Sharon is going to teach you the exact process you can
use in your life and business to achieve all of this
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I invite you to make your choice today. When you decide
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Make your choice today. You want to be on the winning
side! The collective voice of the Spiritualpreneur WILL
ultimately WIN!

Setting Priorities

Life can be so busy!!

Setting priorities and focusing time and energy on the highest priority activities is a valuable technique to create the life we truly want.

I sometimes find it difficult to know how to set the ‘right’ priorities. Ah, perhaps that is the issue here, trying again to get it ‘right’. I have spent much of my life trying to be ‘perfect’, to get it ‘right’.

How many of you deal with this challenge? Do you need to get it ‘right’ and feel frustrated if you don’t know how to do it ‘right’?

A friend suggested I give myself time to simply relax and allow time for the sense of discomfort and frustration to ‘settle’, or at least to gain clarity about it. Writing can help, at least it does for me. Walking in nature helps also.

The truth is that I am setting priorities, maybe not in the way I’d prefer, however I make choices all the time about what to do next. There is the force of habit that mostly governs the choices I make. I prefer to be more consciously aware and choose based on my major goals and dreams for the life I want to create.

Sometimes I hear a little voice inside telling me to relax and allow the Universe to do more of the work for me. That has not been easy for me to do. I tend to think that I must be doing something in order for results to happen. I keep hearing the phrase “If it’s going to be, it’s up to me.”

Are we human beings or human doings?

What is the balance between thinking, visualizing, meditating and action?

The creative process, and the process of life, is interesting to explore. We are all doing this, whether we are conscious of it or not.